Two Songbirds Press

Two Songbirds Press is your source for editorial assistance.

Manuscript Evaluations
Publishing Consulting
Developmental Editing
Copy-editing & Proofreading
Website/Newsletter Content Writing

What we do:

Produce clear, concise, accurate, and appropriate written copy in accordance with a client’s needs and our experienced professional judgment.

Assist writers of fiction and non fiction in starting or completing their writing projects and advising them towards their final goals, whether it is to pursue a traditional book deal, create a manuscript that they can self publish and be proud to sell from the back of the room to other professionals, or complete a book they can pass on to the next generation of their families.

Take individual writing projects through to completion and advise writers on the next steps towards reaching their goals.

Provide guidance and the materials for writers to take their projects to the next level.

Two Songbirds Press can edit most projects, from brief booklets or academic papers to complete book manuscripts, whether you need light proofreading or want the materials completely reworked. We can also create content for your promotional materials. 

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