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What clients and associates say

“Robin has been integral in serving in the capacity of copy editor and proofreader for my web copy, white papers, client letter templates, and other external messaging. She has also worked as a consultant and content writer for much of our marketing and promotional materials. She is attentive and quick to respond to and address my requests, thorough in her work and in her attention not only to the minute details, but also to the larger message, voice, and tone of that message. I appreciate her professional support for my business, as it helps us put our best face forward, and I consider her to be a valuable part of the Towerpoint Wealth team.” ~Joseph Eschleman, President, Towerpoint Wealth

“Over the years many people have taken a crack at editing ‘Invisible Nails.’ You gave the definitive edit that got the piece accepted. It’s a piece that means a great deal to me, and I’m so thankful.” ~Samuel Autman, teacher/author of  Sanctified: A Memoir. “A Walk Through the Neighborhood,” which is excerpted from this memoir, has been adapted into a short film titled “A Long Walk.” Autman’s other writings have been printed in Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction,  The Huffington Post, Postcard Memoirs, I’m Black and I Travel and The St. Louis Beacon.

“Robin Martin’s editor’s eye is so well attuned she not only gets right to the heart of the story you want to tell but spots all the cliches, less-than-perfect word choices, and unnecessary details that keep your story from singing.” ~ Peter Grandbois, professor of writing at Denison University, author of Nahoonkara (Etruscan Press 2011), The Gravedigger (Chronicle Books) and The Arsenic Lobster (Spuyten Duyvil 2009).

“Robin’s Evaluation and Critique on my first manuscript was amazing! She captured the essence of the story and the characters and gave me advice on the areas that could be improved. I learned several things about the craft of fiction writing from her inputs. I’m enjoying work on the next draft and looking forward to working with Robin on the next steps of my first writing project.”~ Rob Mahan, first-time novelist.

“Robin has been of immense help in editing a novel I’ve written, which was inspired in part by my art business. She is patient, thorough and insightful. Robin has offered much-appreciated constructive criticism, and helped me to develop a more consistent POV – an aspect of writing which had been my Achilles heel.” ~Albin Winters, first-time novelist.

“YOU ROCK! I really, REALLY, appreciate an editor that is straight forward with requested changes to my work. It’s surprisingly hard to find an editor that works that way. I’ll make the additions and corrections you have suggested and I’ll send it on back asap.” ~Chris McCann, graphic designer and illustrator.

“I was so lucky to learn about Robin Martin at Two Songbirds Press through a mutual friend! Robin gave me so much good advice and set me on the path to find a literary agent who would be interested in my children’s book. She wrote an amazing query letter on my behalf. Robin also really did her research in finding twelve agents who would be most likely in accepting my work. I would joyfully encourage any aspiring author to meet with Robin and see what direction she would recommend for the best chance of success!”  ~Joanne Romero, Childrens’ Book Author

“Robin, You are at the top of my editor list when folks ask me for a reference.” ~ Dan Melzer University Reading and Writing Coordinator, California State University, Sacramento.

“Robin’s substantive edit of my manuscript was extremely helpful and has assisted me not only with my manuscript but as a creative writer in general. In a short period of time, she was able to pinpoint all of the areas in my novel that needed attention and then offered suggestions where I could add strength to the characters, plot, and more. Robin gives you the tools and hints to do this strengthening instead of putting the words and ideas onto your pages; I have found this approach of hers to be invaluable to me while I craft other stories outside the scope of my original novel. I would recommend Robin’s services to any aspiring writer without hesitation.” ~Mike Siebenaller, first-time novelist.

“Robin did a great job of filling my needs as an inexperienced author with no online capabilities.” ~Kenneth E. Nelson, author of Neighbors: A Summer-Winter Affair, and Dear Mr. Nelson.

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