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Wordle: Better than solitaire

Introduced to me as a way to check for a writer’s overuse of words (like interesting or quickly), Wordle is way more fun than it is practical.  A word-cloud generator, you “paste in a bunch of text” in the window and hit “randomize” and your words appear in an artistic design, a word cloud, with the most used words in the largest size font.

So, when you need a break from whatever it is you’re working on, plug a poem, or a resume (I did one of each) into Wordle and get an artistic boost.

Click here for my resume:  resume better 2a

Click here for my poem:  wild spearamint poem cloud

Separating Publishing Wheat from the Chaff

I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing publishing-on-demand lately. In April, I made a presentation to the NorCal Editorial Freelancers Association chapter about my experiences with four different publish on demand companies.  The information I have that has not been gained from direct personal and professional experience has come from colleagues, conferences, and a handful of indispensable websites for writers.  I thought I’d share two of these sites here with you.

Any writer should be aware of a blog/website called Writer Beware.  You can also find them on Facebook. A marvelous site that isn’t afraid to call names, Writer Beware has a really comprehensive collection of essays that address pitfalls and scams faced by aspiring writers. It was founded in 1998. It also has great links to trustworthy sites.

Any writer considering self-publishing should visit a blog called Book Making. Its author is a real character, and he knows quite a lot about the business.

These are invaluable resources. The publishing business is confusing. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

Wheat from the Chaff