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Don’t miss the Sept. 2011 Word Riot

The current issue of Word Riot is out and raises the bar once again for on-line literary magazines. Thanks to Jackie Corley and the editors for doing such a fine job finding gems. One of my favorites from the issue:

Word Riot

plans to be loved by Melissa Ann Chadburn


And from August issue:


Missed Appointment by Nicolas Sansone


What do I like about these pieces? Each contains 1. precision 2. singularity 3. depth of character  4. noegenesis 5. lines like this: 

“Truth was we couldn’t even show up to class six weeks straight with the proper produce.”

“Stephen is alone now and he will continue to be alone as he waits for Helen and he will be alone when he gives up on waiting and he will be alone when he goes to sleep and tomorrow morning he will be alone and alone is how he will go to work and come home and scour the bathroom floor with disinfectant and book his train tickets for the weekend and catch the train for his weekend trip and return from his weekend trip and ultimately die in a flash flood as he is driving home from work, after the passage of twenty-eight years more. Stephen is, and will remain, alone.”