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Congratulations to several of my local colleagues

I’d like to offer congratulations to my Sacramento colleagues:

Jen Palmares Meadows and Joshua McKinney for their contributions to Summer 2011 Denver Quarterly.Josh McKinney, Jen Palmares Meadows, fiction, writing,

McKinney’s poetry also appeared in the premier issue of Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism, as did a bit of the brothers Grandbois’ work.

Grandbois, McKinney, fiction, writingSpeaking of McKinney, he also launched a new on-line poetry journal, Cladesong. Beautiful with reptilian themes.  Perhaps I should just devote an entire post to Josh! He seems to be a man on a mission.

Doug Rice is included in the current issue of Gargoyle Online, and of course, his book Dream Memoirs of a Fabulist, continues to impress.Doug Rice, fabulism, hybrid genre,

Janna Marlies-Maron! Congratulations to Jeremy for catching this one. She’s a keeper. See you over at Thinkhouse! 

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Under the Gum Tree Premiere Issue

A digital, literary micro-magazine, Under the Gum Tree is a non-fiction storytelling project, published by my colleague Janna Marlies Santoro. She says,

The concept was born out of my desire to live more vulnerably, more authentically and to help others do the same. To me, that means sharing the hard stories: the ones we’re ashamed of, embarrassed of, the ones we usually try to keep hidden.

I am on the editorial board of the project, and as such was able to read and select the pieces that appear in the premiere issue. It is a full 89 pages, and includes photographs, a photo essay by Jeannine Mengel, excerpts from Peter Grandbois The Arsenic Lobster, a film feature by Jeremy Maron, poignant stories by both emerging and established authors, including Kate Washington, Alexa Mergen, Ronna Detrick, Debra Meltvedt.

The magazine format is a lovely addition to the field of fine literary and arts mags, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Nor Cal Editorial Freelancers Association

It is nearly always beneficial to join a professional organization for support and information when one embarks on a career.  I am a member of the Popular Culture Association, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, and the Editorial Freelancers Association. I have enjoyed participating in conferences and reading the resources of each. The EFA, however, has been the most helpful to me as a freelancer.

It was so helpful to me, in fact, that I organized a chapter in Sacramento. Our members and guests have a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, and we have interest from EFA members as far away as Santa Cruz to the south and Reno to the north.

The organization meets on the last Monday of each month (holidays excepted– the website has the most current info) at Sacramento’s premier downtown co-working space, Thinkhouse Collective, 7 pm.

The topics of our meetings do occasionally engage writers of all kinds, not just freelance editors. September’s meeting, for instance, will feature an independent publisher talking about How to Start Your Own Press. October’s meeting will be about Generative Writing.

July NorCal EFA meeting will be on Marketing Oneself Monday, July 25, 2011 (7:00 pm) at our regular meeting space, the beautiful Thinkhouse Collective in downtown Sacramento. Kristin Singhasemanon, owner of Satin Web Solutions, and Chris Wilson, owner of Word Design and Get Healthy Copy, will be presenting on the topic of professional marketing strategies to solicit clients for our editorial freelancing businesses.

Join our Yahoo Group to be on the mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EFA-NoCal/?yguid=403201762

Interviewed in Creative Writing Now, EFA, workin’ it

Things are busy here, as I’ve been working with several writers on their manuscripts, newsletters and blogs, writing reviews, including one for Gently Read Literature, and preparing for an interview with Peter Grandbois for Rain Taxi.

This morning I turned on my computer to discover myself the subject of an interview on Creative Writing Now. I’d like to thank Nancy Strauss for the opportunity to share some of my opinions with her readers.

Last night was the June meeting of the Editorial Freelancers Association, Northern California chapter. Due to the summer vacation syndrome, it was a small group, but Janna Marlies Santoro and I were able to share what it means to be a member of the EFA and what we’ve gained from membership. Chris Wilson, owner of Word Design and Get Healthy Copy.com was in attendance.  She and Kristin Singhasemanon of Satin Web Solutions will be the presenters at our July 25 meeting, as always, at the beautiful downtown collaborative work space, Thinkhouse Collective. The subject of next month’s meeting is Strategies for Marketing Oneself and Soliciting Clients for Editorial Freelancers.

Keep on workin’ it, and don’t forget to enjoy the summer.

Indie Professionals/Freelancers Soiree

The Editorial Freelancers Association Northern California Chapter is hosting a holiday soiree for independent professionals both inside and outside of editorial/journalism/publishing on Monday, December 13, from 7 pm until 8:30pm at Sacramento’s ThinkHouse Collective.

This will be an opportunity for, yes, the consumption of wine and brownies, but also for mingling and chatting in an informal setting with other independents who might be able to help each other out, send work in each other’s directions, barter for skills, and connect.

If this is you, bookkeepers, web designers, graphic artists, caterers, & & &, come join us Monday night.

San Francisco Writers Conference. Will you be there?

I know I’m jumping ahead a bit, but there’s limited space available for the 2010 San Francisco Writers Conference February 12-14th at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco.

Check it out: www.SFWriters.org

If you’re there, look for me!

Also, look for my friend and colleague Gordon Warnock. (With a zest for fresh, new writing and a deep love of the classics, Gordon always has his eye out for works which will not only thrive in the current market but will also withstand the test of time, bringing joy to readers for years to come. In that spirit, he seeks to establish involved, long term working relationships with talented and willing authors of many genres.) He’ll be taking pitches. But only when his badge is on!

And, if we’re lucky, Janna Santoro will be there too, helping to manage the Cafe Ferlinghetti.